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As a comprehensively trained teacher, I use all of the the apparatus ( Mat, Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Chair & Barrels) to help my clients connect with the method, rebalance their bodies, realign and improve their posture; as well as support and challenge their bodies in equal measure.

 My sessions can be of benefit to everyone from the very active to the more sedentary. I work with all levels and abilities; from absolute beginners, to establish a strong core foundation from the very start, right the way through to intermediate and advanced clients looking for a  powerful addition their training regime; enhancing their performance as well as off-setting any postural impact that their training may have on their bodies. If your work or lifestyle requires you to sit at a desk, computer, or in the car for long periods of time (possibly causing neck, shoulder or back pain) then Pilates may also help you by improving your posture.

I am also trained to work with clients rehabilitating or returning from injury, and clients with common orthopaedic conditions.

I am focused on the individual needs of each client; giving you the attention you deserve, helping you progress at your own pace, tailoring and adapting each exercise to suit your level of fitness, experience and personal goals.

Pilates: About Me
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