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Leg Stretches with overball

This is a variation on the traditional "leg raises" exercise which can place lot of pressure on your lower back. By placing the pilates overball under your lower back (making sure your pubic bone is pointing upwards *see Important set up cues below ) you'll support your lower back a little better.

Furthermore, the instability provided by the ball will force you to focusing on engaging your stabilisers: the deeper layers of your core muscles, working both balance and stability. Plus, this move will really challenge your core strength.

All you need is a 9" Pilates overball and a mat!


Start by placing the ball under your lower back. You'll need to c, and your pelvis is in slight anterior tilt (just like when you "imprint" in a standard Pilates core exercise). From here, make sure you push onto the ball keeping the pelvis pointing upwards the whole time. Failure to have your pubic pone pointing upwards will result in an excessive arch of your lower back...bad!... to be avoided at all costs. Please do take your time and set up properly before you even start to move.

You'll need to move very slowly and focus on your centre to stabilise. Remember that slowing down movements not only increases the difficulty but also improves body awareness, precision and control. Functional benefits a plenty....

Remember that consistency is key!


Contact me for 1:1 or 2:1 (train with a mate) private sessions.

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Find out more about Pilates helping you on the rock wall:


DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY. Injuries can occur when participating in exercise, physical fitness and training programs. I strongly encourage you to work within your limits and listen to your body. If you have a health issue or injury of any kind limiting your physical fitness you should consult a licensed physician before to undertaking any exercise demonstrated on this website. You fully assume the risk of any resulting injury.

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