My name is Elsie and I'm a Pilates Instructor.

Pilates is for Life

"You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions" -  Joseph Pilates 

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I’m a Pilates Matwork & Dynamic Reformer teacher based in East London; currently in Intensive Reformer apparatus teacher training with Stott Pilates. I also run a Pilates for Rock Climbers programme called "Pilates Rocks!"(see below). 

Visit the Schedule & Bookings page for more information.

My Pilates classes are purposely kept small and personal, this means that I can focus on delivering a more personal coaching approach, focusing on quality and attention-to-detail. I am focused on the individual needs of each participants; giving you the attention you deserve, helping you progress at your own pace, tailoring and adapting each exercise to suit your level of fitness, experience and personal goals.

I work with beginners to establish a strong foundation from the very start, right the way through to intermediate and advanced repertoire for those looking for a challenge. Visit the main Pilates page on this site to find out more about the variety of classes I offer.


Bodyweight workout for Rock Climbers

I offer a tailored Pilates class for Rock Climbers of all ability and styles. Whether you are an indoor or outdoor climber, into bouldering, sport climbing or trad, Pilates is one of the best training programmes for all climbers. Join me for a weekly Pilates Rocks! class at the Castle Climbing Centre every Sunday at 2pm (book your place here). Visit the Pilates for Climbers page for more information on how Pilates can help you with reach new heights on the wall!