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For too many years, working in music and media industries, my lifestyle was a combination of sedentry office work on the one hand and carrying and lugging heavy instruments as a part time musician on the other… a combination which gave me chronic back pain and ended with a bad bout of sciatica: this is when I was first introduced to Pilates. Initially only intending to use it as a tool for rehabilitation; I soon discovered that Pilates did for my body more than I could imagine: it not only restored my body’s balance but improved my posture and consequently improved my performance too. It gave me a leaner, stronger and injury free body able to take on high intensity exercises like running and Hiit training. While training to be a Pilates instructor I was also introduced to rock climbing via my husband, who is an experienced indoor and outdoor climber. While honing my climbing technique; learning efficient movement on rock, the importance of body awareness, foot placement, core strength, stability and dawned on me how there were so many similarities between Pilates and rock climbing. 

I’m passionate about Pilates and excited about the number of applications and benefits it can bring to people’s lives. Whether you are recovering from injury, looking to support your every day activities, seeking a fitness challenge, or wanting to enhance your performance on or off the rock/wall, get in touch!

Elsie Martins
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