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I really enjoy the energy that Elsie brings to her class, and her ability to help each person as and when they need it, whether encouraging them to step into the more advanced phase of the exercise, or finding alternatives for anyone who might have a limitation due to injury. I appreciate her dedication to helping her students get better and stronger. My core has definitely woken up, and I can tell my body is progressively building strength again. It's a good feeling, especially after a climbing hiatus due to the pandemic. I can engage my core better when climbing, and my movements are more controlled on technical routes and moves that require additional stability and control. 

I would recommend any climber to go to the class: to build more resilience on demanding routes, prevent injuries, and build a healthy back. Countless benefits!

Juliette (Pilates client & Rock Climber)

This class has really helped me develop my core strength and other movements which are critical for climbing. I’d never done Pilates before but Elsie has been an excellent teacher and makes sure each exercise is tailored to my level. It’s also a bonus that we can all go climbing together after the class!

Greg  (Pilates client & Rock Climber)

The Pilates Rocks classes have allowed me to strengthen my core, which has improved my stability and confidence on the rock climbing wall, and my day-to-day posture. Elsie is an attentive instructor who takes the time to ensure we are performing the moves correctly and to the best of our ability. 5 Stars!

Chloe (Pilates client & Rock Climber)

I wasn't initially convinced that Pilates would be for me, but I'm always willing to try anything that might help my climbing and it proved to be just the ticket.  Unlike the jogging and upper body workouts I was doing before, Pilates has strengthened and toned my entire body... and as all climbers know, climbing is an all-body activity.  With a stronger core and better flexibility, I can see the effects directly translated to better performance on the wall.  I now look forward to each Pilates class and it's become a key part of my climbing training regime.

Oliver (Pilates client & Rock Climber)

I have taken on few group sessions with Elsie, who is a committed and focused teacher. I have enjoyed her sessions as she was able to give focus on each of us.

She had creative exercises and was guiding us to complete them while also giving us an overall understanding of the physiology side of the exercises. I always felt comfortable and excited for the sessions. She is a well prepared teacher with positive energy!

Anna  (Pilates client & Rock Climber)

Being elderly, and with some historical physical problems, my partner and I were both rather nervous launching into Pilates for the first time, but really shouldn't have been. Elsie's support and encouragement, and her gentle guidance and encouragement was tremendous. We ended up achieving far more than we had thought possible, without ever feeling she was pushing us too far. Elsie's demonstrations of the various positions and movements was a great help, and the frequent checking that we were not over pushing ourselves was very reassuring. 

We also wanted to improve our diet, to build and maintain our stamina levels, and Elsie's thorough examination of our diet and eating habits, and her advice and guidance as to how we could improve, was really helpful. It was great to see that we didn't have to make radical changes, but that some tweaks could make a real difference.  We have continued to follow Elsie's advice with good results. Targets are being hit. Hugh & Ala

Ala & Hugh (Pilates & Nutrition clients)

I have taken both group classes as well as individual classes with Elsie and I absolutely loved them! Elsie is a competent and knowledgeable teacher, she follows her students closely, tailoring the exercises to the abilities and needs of each student. 

With her positive attitude and passion, she introduced me to pilates and she personalised the exercises, pushing me when needed and advising me on how to improve and build on her classes also in my own time. As I was particularly interested in starting pilates as a complementary sport to my regular climbing activity, I found Elsie's classes really useful, since they greatly helped me in improving my core strength, my balance and my overall level of awareness and control of my body movements - all very useful skills that improved my climbing performance too! 

Eleonora (Pilates client & Rock Climber)

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